Trump Impeachment Trial unsure as Democrats Weigh Withholding Articles
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would wait to ascertain what the trial within the Senate would appear as if before sending the 2 articles of impeachment there, leaving the timing unsure, Senator Mitch McConnell, the bulk leader, has complicated the image for Democrats by asserting that he has no intention of acting as an impartial juror during a Senate trial of President Trump

WASHINGTON — The day after the House cast historic votes to impeach President Trump, Democrats grappled on Thursday with when to send the fees to the Republican-led Senate, hoping to realize leverage during a bicameral clash over the contours of an election-year trial

 With some leading Democrats pushing to delay transmittal of the articles et al. advocating that they be withheld altogether, it appeared increasingly likely that the limbo could persist until the New Year. The home is poised to go away town on Friday for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, possibly without taking the votes that might be required to start out the method within the Senate

We are ready said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said Wednesday night that she was reluctant to send the fees or name the lawmakers who would prosecute the case against Mr. Trump until she was certain of a good process for a Senate trial. “When we see what they needwe'll know who and the way many we'll send over.” Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and therefore the legislator, has complicated the image for Democrats by asserting that he has no intention of acting as an impartial juror during a Senate trial of Mr. Trump, but would instead do everything in his power, working together with the White House, to quickly acquit the president

But if Ms. Pelosi was angling for an whip hand in negotiations about how the trial would proceed, Mr. McConnell quickly squashed the notion on Thursday during a scathing speech during which he denounced her and Democrats for impeaching Mr. Trump. “The vote didn't reflect what had been proven; it only reflects how they feel about the president,” Mr. McConnell said from the Senate floor. “The Senate must put this right. We must rise to the present occasion. there's just one outcome that's suited to the paucity of evidence, the failed inquiry, the slapdash case

” And in comments that underscored the risks Ms. Pelosi faces in withholding the articles, Mr. McConnell effectively argued that the delay reflected a weak case against Mr. Trump, a blink by the Democrats in their standoff with the president. “The prosecutors are becoming timidity ahead of the whole country and second-guessing whether or not they even want to travel to trial,” Mr. McConnell said. “They said impeachment was so urgent that it couldn't even await due process of law, but now they’re content to take a seat on their hands. this is often comical.” Mr. Trump, echoing Mr. McConnell’s remarks, took to Twitter to attack what he called a “pathetic” case

Trump Impeachment Trial unsure as Democrats Weigh Withholding Articles

At the top of the list of deferred de-army kisses is Azir. The emperor of Shurima was one of the main reasons for his reign. Throughout history, it is almost impossible to see the influence of this king on his reign. He allowed a magician like Xerath to manipulate everything, killing his favorite princes without abhorrence

However, the king's biggest mistake was his obsession with power. The sublimation rite is a ceremony honoring a person who is about to leave the world to honor what he has done. Azir, an immature young king, Azir not only disappointed his confidants, but also continued the Xerath plan. And after that, the day of the ritual practice was also the end of the Shurima empire when all the magic exploded
thủ lĩnh bị bắt nạt trong LMHT
Azir has since become a king-mate and infamous for ever destroying the legacy of thousands of years of ancestry. Now, from a place that's only a memory of whether this marriage partner can correct past mistakes and rebuild Shurima to dust


thủ lĩnh bị bắt nạt trong LMHT
Second on this list is Kalista, the general of the once forgotten empire of the Anonymous King. Kalista was once a highly respected general guard and came from the royal family. Not talking about her heroic feats in protecting the king, the general's mistake lies in blind trust

Once, protecting the king from an assassin, she accidentally let the poisoned blade deflect towards the queen. This is the source of the catastrophic outcome that caused the Phuoc Lanh Islands to perish into an archipelago of only death

As a trusted bodyguard, he is always on high alert, but Kalista is not wary of a bloodthirsty Hecarim and allows him to act as hell. The tragedy that followed soon became an indelible stain on Runeterra. From a cradle of life this place has turned into true hell and whether Kalista's current will for vengeance will be too late


thủ lĩnh bị bắt nạt trong LMHT
As one of the next leaders of the Solari and the bearer of the sun with his precious sword. But Leona proved to be quite incompetent in the battle when constantly losing to the opponent. Leona, after fighting with Atreus (Pantheon), is full of injuries and does not show any signs that she can win against a mortal Pantheon.

Coming to the match Diana, Leona even had pre-equipped and fully armed. But again Leona continued to fail and was immediately defeated by an opponent's attack. As a result, all the elders of the association were killed and made this girl reluctant to come to power

With the past two games over, we can draw the thing that Leona is a rather mediocre leader. However, with the help of the Heavenly Sword, she will probably be able to withstand Diana for quite a long time

Jarvan IV, Garen

thủ lĩnh bị bắt nạt trong LMHT
Admittedly, these are two very powerful heroes of Demacia and no one can deny that. But their persistence is still only a small factor needed for a leader. Importantly, these two leaders have no tricks or strategies in mind

As one of the main successors of Jarvan the Third, J4 is a prince who is eager to win on the battlefield. Not listening to the advice of the generals under his command, this man failed miserably leading to loss of troops and he had to hide in the forest

And Garen, one of the highest-ranking generals in the Demacia ranks, yet stared at hisism suppressing magi. If Garen had a strong will to protect the people, then it would never be Sylas who brought his nation to the brink of extinction. These are the most basic mistakes of the head and also show that Demacia still lacks a sharp head to manipulate as Noxus has Swain

Top the most incompetent and incompetent leaders in League of Legends

Nhat Kiem Tam Bao - the entrance to the new full-marks Gunner map at the rank of Korean Challenge

Entrance to map 1 Sword 3 Purple shirt new at rank Challenging Korea

The League of Legends Season 2020 is a time when junglers shine. At the same time, the rhythm of the game was also accelerated by Riot by balancing a series of charms, as well as editing the time of birth of Dragons and monsters. Now, to win a match on the Arena of Justice, you must be extremely assertive as well as agile to capture big goals - especially the Dragon - as quickly as possible
At low ranks at this time, Doran's Lucian Sword is returning to help the Gunner have more lifesteal, thereby cleaning up both General and Monster more quickly. However, early Korean Challenger or Challenger players discovered its drawbacks. This map entrance has been dealt cards and has a fairly low win rate at higher ranks
And they discovered a new direction, no less strange but certainly effective: Infinity Sword / Wind God Sword + 3 Purple Cloak
The first question to ask is: why the purple robe
Now this shirt has been critically scaled as a complete item. 3 Purple Cape is completely different from 6 Doran's Sword or 6 Doran's Rings. This old style not only didn't give you the necessary stats in the middle and late game, but also cost you gold - because you have to sell them anyway. With the extra Purple Cloak, you can gain other items depending on the situation of the game: Double Sword Ghost or Statikk Knife
Next question: Why 4 purple robes
The marksman will usually choose one of three items: Wind Spirit Sword, Infinity Sword or Cannon Barrage. If you put up all 3 items, you will have 75% crit, and 1 more Purple Cloak will ensure your shots are always critical. The purpose of choosing to buy all 4 of these cloaks is to get the full crit as soon as possible
Economic efficiency is also a problem to be considered in the Union
In terms of economy, after buying Infinity or Wind Spirit, rushing to buy 3 Purple Capes only costs 2400 Gold, but gives you 100% critical strike rate (25% from VC / PT) - will be much more effective Compared to the sluggish 2600 Gold to buy Artillery Lien Thanh, which gives you 50% Crit (25% from VC / PT), 30% Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed (which is quite useless with AD in early game). Obviously something "certain" should still take precedence
Buy Infinity Sword or Wind Spirit and rush 3 more Purple Capes to get 100% crit right away at an affordable price. However, to use this build effectively, you need to bring the Legendary pearl: Attack Speed to make up for the shortages in the early stages of the game. At the same time, you should also consider choosing the appropriate accessories and jewels to solve the story at the beginning of the match. Presence of Wisdom in place of Dac Thang to help you ease your worries about this issue
Champions that take advantage of crit on attacks like Caitlyn and Jinx will be extremely suitable for this type of item. Jhin is also a nominee name - you can dress him with four overlapping cloaks to gain additional movement speed from his passive. Although it has only been in the last week, the win rate of most generals with this weird style has increased significantly
Looking at the winrate_diff column, Jhin has a win rate of 6-8%; Caitlyn increases 2-4%, Jinx increases 5-10% with this build style. Most other generals also recorded a significant increase in the win rate (statistics at the rank of Cao Thu and Han Challenges). Of course, if you make a joke, you're still losing
Gunner is an indispensable position in any game. A good marksman becomes a terrifying machine gun that will cause the enemy to falter. With reasonable and effective gear - no matter how weird - the ADc will help the team to victory. In the time that speed is being brought to the forefront, Nhat Kiem Tam Bao will quickly turn the young Gunner into a brilliant Phoenix on the map in the blink of an eye

Nhat Kiem Tam Bao - the entrance to the new full-marks Gunner map at the rank of Korean Challenge

The strategy of "Ignoring the top lane" helps win every League of Legends game

The pre-season 2020 has arrived, with a series of changes: from the two small alleyways of Wing Road, forest terrain, map colors ... and especially the Dragon and the buff system. Everyone thinks that these updates will make the next year the era of junglers. And those who go on the road - which has been abandoned - will now become the wandering wanders, industrious and indifferent no one carrying on the vast arena
Many gamers were surprised when the game's meta became so misleading. Now everyone is focusing on the forest; just wait until the Dragon is reborn there will be a series of fiery clashes occurred on the fast flowing river. And in the context that the top lane is the furthest away from this winged target, the toplaner has almost no role in any important development of the match
Do you play chess
Therefore, a group of players decided ... to wear the top lane! Too disappointed by the series of losses due to losing the Dragon advantage, in one match, they focused on hunting these hateful monsters. They don't even care about the network, ignore the turrets and the soldier stat. They don't even care about winning or losing. Dragons, dragons and dragons, that was all they were aiming for, with the original purpose of just "venting" on this damn creature
summoner's rift tiền mùa giải 2020
This thing needs to be eliminated
Reddit user ManateeRawr shared the reason for this monster game. They have observed all the losses and discovered one truth: the sooner you control the Dragon, the higher your odds of winning. A general who plays a protective role for the team is no longer suited to the style of 2020 anymore; because as long as you gain the Dragon advantage early in the game, you will take the enemies to pieces - regardless of their formation.

Therefore, they decided to ... always toss the top - where a general is often selected, with the hope of becoming the front line for the team in the end of the match. It's not important to choose a bullshit with a top, and then blue or feed. If the top feed, the enemy will try to push the top, and you will eat Dragon. If the top is blue, they will be under pressure to try to keep the top tower, and you will eat the Dragon. "YOU WILL EAT DRAGON" - that is the key to winning
Initially, this plan was designed just for fun, but the results brought really unexpected. This squad won - after a relatively long time of trolling. No one thought that it would lead to such satisfactory results. Is this the "secret rank climb lost" has just been discovered

In the context where players seem to have to relearn completely the map Summoner’s Rift as well as conduct a Great Revolution gameplay, this is probably an extremely unexpected and unique tactic. Will we have a chance to see it in Rankings or pro matches in the near future

Simple strategy to help you win every League of League season 10: Ignore the top lane!

Since its release in February 2018, PUBG Mobile has attracted a lot of male and female players, up to over 100 million monthly users. However, the problem of hackers always annoys genuine players and causes game publishers a headache. In the above article, Tencent said it has strengthened the fraud detection system and is 100% committed to creating the best experience for players

Some rumors are not true about in-game hacks

Rumor: Recharge hackers will not be locked out
Fact: The amount of money deposited in the game does not affect the penalty for cheating. If you cheat, there will be no tolerance even if you have loaded a lot of money into PUBG Mobile. In fact, we have locked some accounts with very large deposits. Everyone is treated equally.

Rumor: VIP hacking software will keep you undetected!

Fact: Anyone who cheats will get punished. No software can make it past our eyes. The creators of the software try to convince the buyer that they will not be detected, but that is not true.

Rumor: Players from XXXX countries are all cheating!

Fact: Every country has fraudulent players. But most, players in countries are "upright". *smile*

Rumor: Tencent benefits from fraud!

Fact: We absolutely hate hackers and we won't do anything for them. We take pride in the game the company grows every day, and cheating on our efforts. Tencent will do everything to eliminate negative behaviors in the game. There are more than hundreds of people working on this issue

Rumor: If Tencent were XXXX, then the number of hackers would have decreased
Fact: All the simplest solutions have been considered, but we need to develop a more effective method that doesn't affect the true players. Everything is there will be considered. Many people ask why we don't ban by IP address. The problem is, normal players can use IP addresses that cheaters once connected or hackers can use other people's IP addresses. The method is not really as effective as you think
Rumor: The review and banning take place by day / week / month

Fact: Fraudsters can be banned at any time, as soon as we find out. Can be in the middle of a match or when looking at the data and see anomalies after the game. We want to eliminate them immediately, waiting is not the right thing to do

How Tencent discovered fraud in PUBG Mobile

According to the company's announcement, Tencent has a game security team that monitors the in-game data continuously. To detect players who have cheated, the system will first scan and check for suspicious software used on PUBG Mobile and whether game data has been modified. Most hacking software is easy to spot thanks to the company's blacklist. This database is constantly updated by Tencent. This is a simple and quite effective line of defense.

However, fraud technology is growing and software writers are very good at bypassing the review system. Once a piece of software has worked in the game, it's time for Tencent's second line of defense to act. For security reasons, the in-depth working principle is kept confidential by the company. The company says one mechanism of action is to look for "ridiculous" events in the game. For example, you cannot dance in Pochinki and appear in the military zone 30 seconds later. If Tencent fails to correctly scan the software used, the in-game action will accuse hackers
In the event that "unreasonable" events do not occur and fraudulent acts at first glance seem like a good player is there, Tencent will rely on the reports and data and directly monitor that account. This is a fairly expensive but very effective way to thoroughly eliminate adept fraudsters

"Kill the grass" at the root of the software writers

Tencent is targeting "big fish" that are hackers who create software, promote and sell them. In the past few months, the company has taken down hundreds of websites, videos, server discords, and ads that sell PUBG Mobile fraud software. Player reporting actions and streamers help the company greatly in the process of working. These guys are always trying to convince the community that their software is undetectable, has a long life, and the only way to win is to cheat. Tencent reported on people who had stolen their credit information when making fraudulent purchases
PUBG Mobile is increasingly strengthened security network to create the best experience for players. One of Tencent's next steps is to communicate directly with the seller and create the software. In update version 0.15.0, the company will invest additional resources for this campaign. Besides, the server has also been upgraded to detect fraudsters hiding behind poor connection status
It seems that PUBG phones will become "cleaner", and the number of cheaters will decrease. Is this really necessary if PUBG Mobile doesn't want to follow the footsteps of PC brothers to become deadgames when the number of PUBG pc players decreases? What do you think of Tencent's "letter to players"? Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below!

The fight against hacking - a letter to the PUBG Mobile community

PUBG Corp is very smart when it takes advantage of its strengths in the gameplay Battlegrounds to refresh itself. This proves that the source of inspiration for human creation is endless, even on the familiar weapons all year round that gamers often use

Now, let's take a look at the extreme skins and new weapons in Survivor Pass 5: Bad Lands, okay

Melee weapons

Starting is the all-new set of 5 melee items of PUBG. In particular, Ax, Knife, Shovel are newly added weapons and baseball bats, machetes are two types with a new appearance
Vũ khí cận chiến PUBG mùa 5
Shovels, Axes and Knives

Vũ khí cận chiến PUBG mùa 5
Baseball bats and machetes are remake


Miramar seems to be the most favored version 5 this season when not only the map but even the car has changed. Specifically, the two specific types of this desert map are Mirado and Van (bus), which have been given two beautiful new skins
Xe Miramar
2 New car skins in Miramar map

Collection of gun skins by theme

This is probably the part that many gamers wait the most in season 5, which is the gun skin. In this update, gun skins are divided into five themes: Pretty Dangerous, Refined Mictlantecuhtli, Avant Guard, Hexadeathimal and Cold Blooded.

Pretty Dangerous

The collection includes 4 types of guns: AKM, UMP45, S686 and P18C, for those who like pink and hate lies
Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Pretty Dangerous
Pretty Dangerous - AKM

Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Pretty Dangerous
Pretty Dangerous UMP45, S686 and P18C

Refined Mictlantecuhtli

The gold-plated Refined Mictlantecuhtli line leads with super cool Groza, then M24, QBU, Skorpion and P1911, respectively
Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Refined
Refined Groza

Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Refined
Refined M24, QBU, Skorpion and P1911

Avant Guard

Avant Guard skin collection includes Kar98, Mk47, SKS, PP-19 Bizon and Deagle guns
Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Avant Guard
Avant Guard Kar98, SKS

Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Avant Guard
Avant Guard Mk47, Deagle và PP-19 Bizon

Hexadeathimal and Cold Blooded

Finally, there are 4 types of guns, respectively, with the skin of Hexadeathimal and Cold Blooded
Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Cold Blooded
Cold Blooded Beryl and M16A4

Skin súng PUBG mùa 5 - Hexadeathimal
Hexadeathimal Mini14 and Sawed-off

Go crazy before the PUBG super skill and weapons "super good" in Survivor Pass 5